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June 2017

Brave New Frontier – Biobetter Combats Cancer Better

Chairman and Chief Executive of Prospect Time International Investment Ltd, Mr Brian Chen, paid a visit to the Melbourne based newly arose to fame biotech industry startup, Imunexus Limited, to discuss and explore cooperation opportunities in its researches in “biobetters” modules of converting existing antibodies into better versions of those same drugs. This approach overcomes limitations with the original antibodies by enhancing the way they engage the body’s immune system. This makes them better equipped at killing cancer cells.

The research product is also known as bispecific antibody. A bispecific antibody is an artificial protein that binds together two types of antigen, thus greatly increase the immune response. The Imunexus technology is modular in nature with a retrofitting capabilities that allow high levels of flexibility for generating bispecifics from existing antibodies. Furthermore, one of the Imunexus concentrations is on antibodies that fight lung cancer – one of the top killers especially in third world countries.

Bispecific antibodies (bsAbs) is one of the newest technologies with a promising future in our long and tedious road of cancer-fighting. This new bio-technology has a great potential to become the next wave of antibody-based therapies, focusing on molecules in clinical development. The goal for bsAbs research and development is to address simultaneously different targets involved in pathophysiological processes and thereby increase therapeutic efficacy.

Bispecific antibodies combine specificities of two antibodies and simultaneously address different antigens or epitopes. Thus, with the two-target functionality, bispecific antibodies can interfere with multiple surface receptors, such as with cancer proliferation or inflammatory processes. It can also place targets into close proximity to, either support protein complex formation on one cell, or to trigger contacts between cells. In cancer therapy, bsAbs could be effective in either the retargeting of immune effector cells for tumor cell destruction (cancer immunotherapy) or the neutralization of two different signaling cascades through inactivation either on the level of the receptor or the ligands.

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