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July 2017





Waste-To-Energy through End of Life Tires

To save our Planet Earth and better protect the environment we have already entered the Waste to Energy era. Being a responsible corporate citizen, Prospect Time International Investment Ltd assumes an indispensable role in the waste-to-energy industry. One of our first steps is on turning end-of-life tires into energy (Tire-Derived-Fuel TDF), as well as plastic and metal recovery.

Through the use of current cutting-edge technologies, such as Pyrolysis, we convert waste tires into energy. In fact, tire gives a higher yield on heat energy than incumbent coal. The future of tire-to-energy is very promising when compared with the environmentally damaging oil wells, fracking, coal, tar sand mining and incineration. When energy stopped coming from all of these sources, we could still create the energy needed by converting various waste sources to energy, e.g. tires, plastics, and even municipal solid waste.

Prospect Time is discussing cooperation opportunities as well as joining force with the renowned Australian recycling and waste to energy recovery company, Green Distillation Technologies Corporation Limited – where Prospect Time’s Chairman and Chief Executive, Mr Brian Chen, paid a visit in mid 2017.

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