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An Update on Investment Projects in the Philippines

Prospect Time International Investment Co, Ltd is proud to contribute to the economic success of the Philippines in the 21st century, by bringing world-class infrastructure projects and facilities to this region. Our aim is to create a ‘win-win’ situation for all parties.

Some of Prospect Time’s investment projects in the Philippines are found with the construction of airports, container port terminals, photovoltaic power stations, oil rig and drilling platform.

Airport Project
Located in San Jose, Camarines Sur, and at 464 km from Manila is one of Prospect Time’s joint ventures with local government. Estimated total investment for the Airport Project amounts to US$700 million. Preliminary site surveying work is in progress with technical personnel being sent and planning and design is underway. The construction work will partner with the local government’s Partido Development Administration (PDA) and cover an area of approximately 21,855 square meters, where a runway of 1,600 meters x 30 meters, a tarmac of 235 meters x 93 meters, and a passenger terminal of approximately 1,800 square meters catering for a passenger capacity of approximately 153 per hour will be built. When completed in 3.5 years’ time, the runway can accommodate air traffic by ATR72-500, Airbus 319-100, and Airbus 320-200 models.

Container Port Project
The project site is located in Sagnay in Camarines Sur, at 450 km from Manila, and is about 18 km south of our current Airport Project. The total investment is estimated at around US$600 million. Preliminary work is in progress and technicians have been assigned to conduct initial field surveys, planning and design works. Construction and building work will be conducted in cooperation with the local government’s Partido Development Administration (PDA). The original terminal dock will be rebuilt to provide docks and berths for 50,000 tons and 150,000 tons vessels, and up to a weight of 200,000 tons. It can cater for both passenger and freight transport.

Oil Rig & Drilling Platform
The project site is also located in Camarines Sur with a total investment of up to US$1 billion. The construction project will be conducted in cooperation with the local government’s Partido Development Administration (PDA), where a large-scale oil drilling and manufacturing plant platform that occupies about 70 hectares of land will be built.





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