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Transport System

Smart construction staging, experience and intelligent engineering have equipped Prospect Time and group of companies with the capability and capacity to provide for all transport challenges, such as new tunnels, highways and bridges, refurbishing of aged bridges, expansion and extension of highways, building of tramways and railways.

We are capable of delivering complex projects in tunneling, roads, bridges, structures and rail in regional perspective as well as in urban areas with minimal impact to the local community during build and construction stages. We are experts in building complex bridge structures, and excelled with unrivalled tunneling.

We have ample experience in all stages for rail building, from feasibility studies and surveys, financing and fund management, through outline and detailed designing and constructing, to testing and commissioning of road, rail, and underground railway infrastructure that improved the flow of traffic while preserve the environment. In the railway industry, Prospect Time provides a comprehensive service from the design and construction of new railway network including managing the procurement and supply of all types of rail, sleepers, fastening and turnouts, to the provision of maintenance and enhanced renewal services for existing or aged system. Our expertise covers all forms of trackwork, from ballasted to non ballasted, direct fixation and other slab track and embedded trackforms.

Other than supported by teams of highly skilled, experienced, and mobile fitters, electricians, operators, workers and project managers, we are accessed to some of the most advanced equipment, such as hi-rail excavator, hi-rail ultrasonic vehicle, tamper, regulator, flashbutt welder, matisa track and resleepering machine, speno rail grinding machine, ballast cleaner, loco and wagon.

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